Title Date
Global Report on Adventure Tourism
The Global Report on Adventure Travel offers a thorough, insightful analysis of the current and future adventure travel sector.  It providing global trends, the current sector structure on a significant growing market, potential benefits, risks and sector challenges.  ...
Global Report on Shopping Tourism
This report explores the importance of shopping tourism as a driver of economic development, its emergence as a main motivation for travel, its increasing significance as part of the overall tourism offer and the keys for its success, both from the destination’s perspective as from the needs from...
Informe global sobre la industria de reuniones
Este informe explora el alcance e impacto, así como las oportunidades para el crecimiento económico que la industria de reuniones trae consigo. Asimismo, recalca la importancia de la colaboración público-privada y la relevancia de la implementación de procesos de innovación continua. La publicación...
Global Report on the Meetings Industry
This report explores the scope, impact, as well as the opportunities for economic growth and development of the meetings industry. Moreover, it points out the importance of public-private collaboration and the relevance of implementing processes of continuous innovation. The publication includes...
Working Together in Europe A Shared Leadership - AM Regional Report : Volume three
This report describes the current situation for tourism in UNWTO’s European Member States and examines how they are adapting and planning for emerging trends. It discusses varying performance and opinion across different areas of Europe, based largely on a surveyconducted by UNWTO among its Member...
UNWTO AM Report Vol. 4 'Global Report on Food Tourism'
The Global Report on Food Tourism, Volume No.4 of the UNWTO Affiliate Members’ series of in-depth reports explores the links between tourism and food. For many of the world’s billions of tourists, returning to familiar destinations to enjoy tried and tested recipes or travelling further afield in...
Global Report on City Tourism
The Report is based on a wide-ranging study carried out by the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme among 21 of the world’s most-visited cities, providing insight into their urban tourism strategies and priorities. These 21 cities represent an international reference in urban tourism.
AM Report No.5 Global Report on Aviation: Responding to the needs of new tourism markets and destinations
The exponential growth in international tourism arrivals seen over recent decades wouldn’t have been possible without the innovation and expansion of the air transport industry, which today accounts for more than half of cross-border tourist arrivals worldwide.  Over the next twenty years,...
Plan de Marketing de Turismo Gastronómico de Argentina de 2012 - 2016
La oferta culinaria argentina se encuentra entre las mejores del mundo, con una gran variedad de estilos, propuestas y sabores, desde los bodegones locales, bares, pizzerías, parrillas y cantinas, las experiencias gastronómicas autenticas en espacios rurales hasta los restaurantes de alta calidad...
This World Travel Trends Report presents the major trends, statistics and forecasts aswell as key industry issues and potential future developments discussed at the WorldTravel Monitor Forum, held in Pisa in November 2010. At the annual event, organised byIPK International and sponsored by ITB...