Past events list

Global Conference on Jobs and Inclusive Growth: Partnerships for Sustainable Tourism
Round Table on Sustainable Urban Tourism
3rd UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism
FITUR 2017
World Travel Market (WTM) - 2016
1st UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism
2nd UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism
1ª Reunión Iberoamericana sobre economía colaborativa en el alojamiento turístico
Presentation of the Affiliate Members Report Volume Thirteen: Global Report on The Power of Youth Travel
Presentation of the Global Report on The Transformative Power of Tourism: a paradigm shift towards a more responsible traveller
UNWTO/ICF Workshop on air connectivity
2nd UNWTO Conference on Shopping Tourism
UNWTO Seminar on the Future of Tourism: Innovation, Governance and Critical Paths
Presentation of the 2nd UNWTO Global Conference on Gastronomy Tourism
FITUR 2016
Presentation of the 1st UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism
World Travel Market (WTM) - 2015
3rd UNWTO Conference on Overcoming Seasonality
1st UNWTO World Forum on Food Tourism
1st UNWTO Conference on Shopping Tourism
FITUR 2015
UNWTO Awards Symposium
UNWTO Affiliate Members Seminar on Public-Private Partnerships: Developing specialized tourism products
UNWTO Seminar on Public-Private Partnerships: Tangible and intangible heritage and innovative tourism products
1st UNWTO Affiliate Members Conference on innovative approaches to overcome seasonality: The Punta del Este Prototype
The Madrid Precious Time Presentation
ITB 2014
Gramado Tourism Trade Show
Caribbean Tourism Organization State of the Industry Conference
2nd UNWTO Global Summit on City Tourism