We select passionate people and educate them to become responsible leaders in hospitality.

As the world’s first hotel school, we prepare the leaders of tomorrow in partnership with the Swiss and international hospitality industry. Our philosophy of learning, combining experience and discovery, leads to the mastery of the arts and sciences of hospitality management.


When you enter the world of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, you immediately feel the energy and enthusiasm, a sense of shared purpose. It is a place where everyone is different yet everyone feels at home. Walk down the main hallway of the school and you will hear ten different languages being spoken – a microcosm of the hospitality industry itself.

With more than 100 years of teaching hospitality management, we are an institution steeped in traditions as rich as those of the most venerable hotels around the world. Yet come to visit us, and you will find a young, dynamic institution with ultra-modern facilities.

The young men and women who make up the student body are learning not only to be successful managers for tomorrow's international hospitality industry, but also to transmit the century-old EHL tradition of European hospitality, savoir-faire and savoir vivre.

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Mr. Michel Rochat