Hong Kong, China

The Asian Wave: The business of hospitality has shifted its centre of gravity to Asia. It’s only natural. Asian culture is traditionally welcoming. Caring attention to detail is the hallmark of Asian service. But beyond its innate cultural “software” there are other factors behind the dynamic growth of tourism and hospitality businesses in Asia. In airlines, airports, attractions and hotels, the region ranks among the world's best – not just a claimed position, but voted as such by experienced travellers, infrastructure has been improved, sights and experiences have been better packaged, marketing has taken on a global scale. Leading it all is a new, but now-established, grouping of Asian-based multinationals in the hospitality field.

No other part of the region is better situated to ride this Asian wave than Hong Kong. Close by China’s mainland, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and financial powerhouse is enjoying its share of the country's phenomenal growth and prosperity. At the same time, it continues to hold its position as Asia's most international city: multilingual, sophisticated, a preferred business and pleasure destination for travellers from both East and West. Where else to better locate a seat of teaching and learning for the hospitality industry.

The School of Hotel and Tourism Management is uniquely positioned, not just to ride the Asian wave, but to lead it in educational excellence.

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Currently ranked no. 2 in the world, the SHTM has an international staff of 65 academics from 20 countries and regions bringing it a strong international scope. Over 2,100 students are enrolled in the School across undergraduate degree programmes (in Hotel Management, Tourism Management and Convention and Event Management), Master’s (MSc) and Doctoral (D.HTM and Ph.D.) degree programmes. In March 2011, the SHTM announced the opening of its new premises in a 28-storey complex comprised of three components: the School of Hotel and Tourism Management, its teaching and research hotel - Hotel ICON, and the University staff residential quarters – University House. The complex provides a fully-integrated teaching and learning experience in a “real world” hotel environment, offering better opportunities for faculty members and students to conduct research in the areas of hospitality and tourism, whilst enabling the SHTM to become a global centre of excellence in hospitality and tourism education and research.

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