The Cities Heirs of Byzantium Association (ACEB) unites the cities that have common roots connected with the history and culture of the Byzantium. The main mission of the Cities Heirs of Byzantium Association is, based on the study of Byzantine traditions and culture, to present the role and significance of Byzantine culture in Europe and its contribution to the development of word civilization. The ACEB’sambition is to demonstrate and promote the cultural patrimony and  heritage of the Byzantine cities in different countries that preserve the legacy of Byzantium

There is no doubt that the heritage of Byzantine culture and the monuments from that epoch are an immense contribution to the mosaic of European culture and have a great value in the European cultural identity and the formation of peoples. 

The historical monuments, among others, are important tools to create personal identity. They retain, in their past social reality, the society's traditions and human values. 

Personal identity projects human societal values onto the person. It becomes even more important now to give a chance to the new generations to study the history, especially of the monuments from the beginning of Christian society, ie Byzantine history, when some European human values were born.

The Byzantine monuments show us the role of culture of the European countries but also of the countries of origin of new immigrants, in the establishment of the values of today's society.  

The ACEB Association goals are:

  1. Development of direct cultural links between the participant cities of the association, and the corresponding organization of cross-participation in each other's cultural events. The cities' festivals and cultural events will be included in the united cultural events program of the ACEB association, which will be promoted through the mass media, not only within the cities' administrations, but also to a wider international audience. The above mentioned initiatives will assist the development of tourist exchanges, and the organization and promotion of tourist and cultural initiatives necessary to attract tourists and to develop the cities economically.

  2. Development of economic relations between the cities of the association. The participation of the cities in the ACEB Association united panels and conferences on economic issues program is based on panels and conferences scheduled in the cities, in order to foster the cross-participation of the cities' delegations in the conferences, so as to attract investment to the cities, and to promote the creation of a cooperative network of entrepreneurs. Also included are:

    - supervision of investment projects;

    - market research;

    - standardization of a select group of activities

  3. Facilitation of the association's members' participation in the economic and tourist tradeshows

  4. Promotion of the cities' cultural and historical heritage through cross-cultural projects such as photographic exhibitions of cultural monuments

  5. Lobbying the interests and international projects.

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