Iran, Islamic Republic of

Tourism bank was founded by SEMEGA in 2010 and is currently an operative commercial private bank operating in more than la cities in Iran. Tourism Bank is focused on facilitating tourism industry within the country while putting eye on facilitating special services in the filed such as health tourism, cultural tourism, etc.
Tourism bank is committed to provide wide range of financial products and services to its valuable customers in a way that these services are quick, easy to access, usable and efficient to them. Our main strategy is innovation in providing financial products and services while focusing on risk management at the same time.
Our key objective is supporting and promoting tourism as a business as well as a social responsibility. Tourism bank has a significant presence in major related market such as hotels and tour-service providing industry, offering specially designed financial products for our customers.

Distribution of Our Share Holders:
Investors from Tourism Industry: 30%
Investors from Construction Industry: 15%
Investors from Other Industries: 15%
Others: 40%


Mr. Aliasghar Safari

Mr. Mohammad Mojarad