United States of America

WebsiteAlive is an online communications software firm based in Houston, Texas, USA. Our products help companies connect and communicate with customers and potential customers. They include:
• AliveChat an online chat product that can be embedded on a website, in an e-mail or advertisement, or in social media. It can be used for customer service, sales, or both. AliveChat can be either reactive (the chat is activated by the site visitor) or proactive (a chat box pops up automatically). Both types of chat improve sales and customer loyalty, but WebsiteAlive`s clients have found that proactive chat can increase conversions as much as threefold over reactive.
• AliveDial— a click-to-call platform for websites. Some site visitors would rather talk to an agent on the telephone than type in a chat box. The availability of AliveDial makes it extremely easy to connect; visitors simply enter their phone number in the box and an agent connects with them immediately.

AliveConcierge — a chat-answering service that forwards leads to companies that are too busy to answer their own online chat or would prefer to outsource that capability.
• AliveSecure — a new, patented and patent-pending technology, currently in limited release among WebsiteAlive customers, that allows users to accept credit card payments securely through a web or mobile chat interface. WebsiteAlive is the only online communications company that has this technology, which gives a significant sales advantage to companies that adopt it.
All of WebsiteAlive's software products are cloud-based, so it is not necessary for companies to install them on their own servers. Getting started is easy—if you're doing a basic implementation with no customization, you can literally add WebsiteAlive products to your website in just a few minutes by pasting a snippet of HTML or Javascript code on the pages of your site. Even though the process is extremely simple, WebsiteAlive agents are always available to help via chat or phone.
Operators can log into WebsiteAlive products remotely, using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This improves productivity and revenue when compared to applications that can only be used at a computer terminal.