Santa Claus Foundation was established in Finland in March 2000. Patron of Santa Claus Foundation is the President of the Republic of Finland Mr. Sauli Niinisto

The idea of the Santa Claus Foundation is  to develop and maintain the world-wide image of Finland as the real christmas land and the home country of Santa Claus.

The business partners also enable the charity work that Santa Claus Foundation does. "The Santa's Gift" is a charity gift donated by the Board of Santa Claus Foundation, to be presented annually to the needy children of the world; the first one was given in the year 2001.

The Gift from Santa always has a concrete receiver, and it will be presented by Santa Claus in person. The Board of the Santa Claus Foundation will select the receiver.

The Foundation works together with Visitfinland and that's why it has a big role in Finnish travel Marketing, esoecially in Asia.

Next to that, the foundation's aim is to promote good-will, joy and happiness between different nations by means of introducing Finnish Santa Claus in various countries as a symbol of those aims.