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Activity overview:

The School of Business at George Washington University, including the International Institute of Tourism Studies, offers graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs in sustainable tourism destination management, hospitality management, events management and sport management. With over 35 years of experience, our Department is TedQual certified by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Specializations, Areas & Projects:

Academic education programs:

Masters of Tourism Administration (on-campus or distance learning)
Bachelor of Business Administration (with a concentration in Sports and Events Management or Hospitality Management)
Five-Year BBA/MTA Program
Event and Tourism Destination Professional Education (Certificate) Programs.
Global MBA (with a knowledge domain in Tourism, Hospitality, Event and Sport Management)
Professional MBA (allowing for up to 18 credit hours of electives to be taken in the tourism and hospitality field)
Phd in Business Administration (with a field of study in Tourism and Hospitality Management)
International tourism development programs:

Ghana – Slave Ship Project
Ecuador – Sustainable tourism development
Dominican Republic – Capacity building for tourism education institutions
Ethiopia – Sustainable tourism development

Strategic vision:

To create and disseminate knowledge on tourism, hospitality related fields in order to equip graduates to manage sustainable development.  Conduct research and communicate applications of findings through effective teaching and related extracurricular activities for its students in graduate and undergraduate degree programs so that they can expand the social/cultural, economic, and environmental benefits of tourism, hospitality and related activities for residents and visitors in the National Capital Area, the United States and the World.

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Dr. Donald Hawkins

Dr. Kristin Lamoureux

Dr. Larry Yu

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