Working Group on Technology and Tourism

Working Groups serve as a starting point to bring together Affiliate Members who share interests in specific sectors of tourism and encourage the exchange of expertise.

The Working Group on Technology and Tourism is led by Affiliate Member Google and is in an initaitive aimed at exploring the relationship between tehcnology and tourism and how technology can improve the tourism sector as a whole, as well as the challenges this implies. 


Main aims and objectives:

  • Establish relations and collaboration mechanisms in the field of technology among UNWTO members.
  • Encourage the implementation of research activities and pilot studies in this area.
  • Disseminate activities advanced by the members, especially the technologically innovate experiences, studies and activities, as well as the benefits of applying it in their practice.
  • Promote the quality and competitiveness of tourist facilities, resources and services through access to technology.
  • Encourage the development of technological provisions in ensuring correct management of the destination, as well as accessibility to information on its tourism activity, aligned with the real needs of tourists.

Join the Working Group

Participation is open to UNWTO Member States, Associate Members and Affiliate Members. Interested entities are kindly asked to send a formal request to