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Few sectors can boast of their power to inspire growth and create jobs as tourism and shopping can. Jointly harnessed, this can have an immense impact on a destination’s brand and positioning. Public-private collaboration can channel the innumerable positive effects of this tourism segment”.

UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai

In recent years, shopping tourism has increasingly become one of the main factors influencing the choice of destinations of tourists, turning this segment into a valuable asset for destinations. Although reliable data remains a challenge, various sources agree that shopping tourism could account for as much as 5% of the wealth generated in the world. Against this backdrop, destinations need to constantly adapt or redesign their offerings to efficiently satisfy the new demanding consumers. In addition, the engagement of all actors and the establishment of public-private partnerships become key elements to promote this booming segment and to convert it into a real opportunity for many destinations worldwide.

The UNWTO Shopping Tourism Network serves as a forum in which all stakeholders involved in shopping tourism can interact, share and access relevant information around shopping tourism. Participants have the opportunity to jointly collaborate on the analysis of key issues surrounding shopping tourism and its development in different tourism destinations. Additional initiatives include the launch of product development projects specifically designed to meet the needs of the shopping tourist and assist destinations in efficiently tapping the huge potential of shopping tourism. 

The UNWTO Shopping Tourism Network was officially launched in September 2015 during the 21st session of the UNWTO General Assembly held in Medellin, Colombia.


2017 UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme


For more information on the UNWTO Shopping Tourism Network, its objectives, main initiatives and principal lines of action, please refer to pages 17 and 18 of the 2017 UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme at the following link (in English only).







The main initiatives of the UNWTO Shopping Tourism Network are:




UNWTO Affiliate Members Reports, Volume 8, Global Report on Shopping Tourism


This report explores the importance of shopping tourism as a driver of economic development, its emergence as a main motivation for travel, its increasing significance as part of the overall tourism offer and the keys for its success, both from the destination´s perspective as from the needs from the shopping tourist. The publication features success stories from Affiliate Members from around the world, offering a perspective from both the destination´s side and he shopping tourist. For more information on the report, please click here. 




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Participation is open to UNWTO Members States, Associate Members and Affiliate members. Interested entities are kindly asked to send a formal request to: am@unwto.org. To read more on the affiliation process, please click here.


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