UNWTO Networks


UNWTO Networks serve as a venue for active collaboration among UNWTO Members – stakeholders from NGOs, government and academia - to address pressing tourism-related issues of common interest. Its main objective is to enhance partnership´s value by facilitating the engagement of all actors, the exchange of knowledge and the development of innovative projects.

  • UNWTO City Tourism Network

The UNWTO City Tourism Network brings together stakeholders from the public and private sectors working on local, national and international levels to exchange ideas and contribute to the advancement of city tourism worldwide. Inside the network, different initiatives were specifically designed to further improve the measurement of city tourism, foster the exchange of best practices among destinations and encourage joint collaboration between its participants to efficiently tackle the challenges and contribute to the development of city tourism worldwide.  

Participation in the UNWTO City Tourism Network is open to all UNWTO Affiliate Members, Member States and Associate Members. 

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  • UNWTO Gastronomy Network 

The UNWTO Gastronomy Network is a forum in which experts, destination management organizations, academia, private sector stakeholders and Member States can work together to promote and shape the future of the gastronomy tourism sector, providing the ideal framework for public-private collaboration. It involves the development of pilot projects and prototypes designed to generate viable models for product development, effective marketing, communication and governance models. It also aims to advance knowledge in gastronomy tourism and to disseminate it in annual international forums and conferences, fostering the exchange of experiences. 

Participation is open to all UNWTO Affiliate Members, Member States and Associate Members. 

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The UNWTO Knowledge Network is an inclusive community within the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme where knowledge generators, policy makers and practitioners proactively participate in sharing, interacting and accessing of relevant resources to be able to stimulate the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge in tourism.

Participation is open to UNWTO Affiliate Members with a demonstrated research capacity. 

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  • UNWTO Shopping Tourism Network 

The UNWTO Shopping Tourism Network sets a framework for participants to foster the exchange of best practices in shopping tourism to help destinations and organizations to efficiently tackle the potential of shopping tourism. Among others, participants jointly address the key issues surrounding shopping tourism, identify the elements necessary to create a successful shopping destination as well as foster the development of tourism products specifically designed to meet the needs of shopping tourists.

Participation is open to UNWTO Members States, Associate Members and Affiliate Members.

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Join the UNWTO Networks

Participation is open to UNWTO Affiliate members, Members States and Associate Members, as explained above. Interested entities are kindly asked to send a formal request to: am@unwto.org. For more information on the affiliation process, please click here.