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As global tourism is on the rise and competition between destinations increases, unique local and regional intangible cultural heritage has become increasingly the discerning factor for the attraction and amusement of tourists. In this regard, gastronomy tourism has emerged as particularly important, not only because food and drink is central to any tourist experience, but also because the concept of gastronomy tourism has evolved to encompass cultural practices, local history, values and culture heritage. Today, gastronomy tourism is therefore considered as an indispensable resource for tourism destinations, adding value and providing a solution to an increasingly pressing need for destinations to stand out and offer unique products.

Against this backdrop, the UNWTO Gastronomy Network provides the ideal space to bring together experts, destination management organizations, academics, private sector stakeholders and governmental entities to work together to advance knowledge in gastronomy tourism. The UNWTO Gastronomy Network involves the development of pilot projects and prototypes designed to generate knowledge in gastronomy tourism, as well as viable models for product development, effective marketing, branding and governance models. It also aims to advance knowledge and to disseminate it in annual international forums and conferences, fostering the exchange of experiences. Last but not least, UNWTO aims to place future focus on the concept of gastrodiplomacy, a notion referring to the potential of gastronomy as a catalyst for cultural heritage preservation and peace keeper.

Furthermore, in light of the approval by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly of the adoption of 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, all initiatives of the UNWTO Gastronomy Network aim to assist destinations in developing gastronomy tourism in a sustainable manner incorporating the steps set out in the ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, along with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim to, inter alia, - end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. 

The UNWTO Gastronomy Network was officially launched in September 2015 during the 21st Session of the UNWTO General Assembly in Medellin, Colombia.


2016/2017 UNWTO Gastronomy Tourism Network Action Plan

For more information on the UNWTO Gastronomy Network, its main objectives and principal lines of action, please download the 2016/2017 UNWTO Gastronomy Network Action Plan (In English). 


Para más información acerca de la Red de Gastronomía de la OMT, sus objetivos y principales lineas de acción, rogamos descargue el Plan de acción 2016/2017 de la Red de gastronomía de la OMT (en español).





The main initiatives of the UNWTO Gastronomy Network are:  


UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism

The UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism is organized every second year in collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) and held in San Sebastian, Spain. The 2018 edition will be held in Thailand. 

UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism


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UNWTO Affiliate Members Report Vol. 4 “Global Report on Food Tourism” (2012)

The report analyses the current situation of Food Tourism, providing examples of best practices and insights on the latest trend  of the sector, through a compilation of case studies and reflections of  experts from international organizations, destination management organizations, tourism stakeholders and from the the academic world.  For more information on the report, please click here. 



UNWTO Affiliate Members Report Vol. 16 - Second Global Report on Gastronomy Tourism (2017)

The 2nd Global Report on Gastronomy Tourism provides recent trends in gastronomy tourism, in addition to experts´ analysis and case studies providing great examples of best practices. The report offers a compilation of case studies from 60 contributors including UNWTO Member States, Affiliate Members and partner organizations and showcases how gastronomy tourism can be a driver for modern tourism in creating authentic experiences while promoting sustainable tourism. For more information on the report, please click here. 

UNWTO Affiliate Members Report Vol. 17 - Report on Gastronomy Tourism: The Case of Japan

The report anaylyses the case of Gastronomy Tourism in Japan. It uncovers that, while gastronomy tourism is a little-known term in Japan, activities in line with the term of gastronomy tourism are being undertaken across the nation. Japan’s gastronomy tourism features a high frequency of publicprivate collaboration when compared to other nations.

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Participation is open to UNWTO Affiliate Members, Associate Members and Member States. Interested entities are kindly asked to send a formal request to: am@unwto.org. To read more on the affiliation process, please click here.

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