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Music is in essence a universal and ubiquitous cultural expression and language. There are many ways travellers connect with the nature, culture and people of the destinations they visit. They connect, for example, through conversations, history, literature, gastronomy or music. However, music has been relatively unexplored in the tourism context. By including music in itineraries and trips, it is possible to drive greater revenue across the tourism sector and it is an excellent opportunity for destinations to differentiate themselves. Below are some quick facts that illustrate the potential of music tourism:

  • In 2016, Music tourism attracted 823,000 overseas tourists In the UK, supported 47,000 jobs and generated GBP 4 billion;
  • Music festivals were a USD 2.3 billion global industry in 2016k, a figure expected to double in 2020 (Pro Colombia & Sound Diplomacy, 2018).

Furthermore, and in the context of promoting a more sustainable tourism sector, music tourism can contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially since it is something that can be, and is, practiced by everyone, everywhere – it promotes equality and protects intangible cultural heritage.

On the basis of the above, and keeping in mind the importance and relevance of the White Paper on Music and Tourism, published by Pro Colombia and Sound Diplomacy in partnership with UNWTO, the Music Tourism Networkwas created by the Affiliate Members Department as a way to harness the potential of music tourism and create a platform for music destinations to share best practices and exchange knowledge.

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