The Joyful Journey - A UNWTO Wine Tourism Network


For many countries, wine and wine-making represent an integral part of their history and identity and has become the key element in the nation’s brand image. In the last decade, wine tourism has gradually become a key component of gastronomy tourism until being today recognized as an essential segment of the tourism industry. Indeed, many wine regions and tourism destinations have realized that the benefits of wine tourism extend well beyond the cellar door to all areas of the regional economy, acknowledging the tremendous potential wine tourism can bring to destinations by enhancing and diversifying their tourism offer.

Mindful of this, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has developed the UNWTO Wine Tourism Prototype, a prototype that introduces an innovative methodology to identify the existing correlative relationship of the wineries and their surroundings, including their influences on local and regional history, socio-economics and culture. This relationship created the framework for the development of a product that would allow the visitor to experience the region through its wineries and the environment in which they have developed, enhancing both the cultural, historical and gastronomy heritage of the region.  

As the project is gradually expending to new regions, UNWTO acknowledged the necessity to develop a space where all participants who had led the development of a UNWTO prototype on wine tourism could share their individual experience and the knowledge they had gathered along the implementation of the prototype in their region. Against this backdrop“The Joyful Journey - A UNWTO Wine Tourism Network was officially launched in May 2017, during the 105th Executive Council in Madrid, Spain.

So far, the participants of the Network are:

  • Spain: The project was first carried out in Spain by UNWTO, Affiliate Member The Leading Brand of Spain and with the participation of five Spanish wineries in 2016. For more information, please refer to this page.
  • Argentina: At the request of the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina, it is currently being implemented in the region of Mendoza by the Tourism Board of Mendoza.

The prototype is currently open to the development of the initiative in other destinations.


Join the “The Joyful Journey - A UNWTO Wine Tourism Network” 

The Network is open to all UNWTO Members (Member States, Associate Members and Affiliate Members) that have led the development of a UNWTO prototype on wine tourism.


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