How will I benefit?

By joining the Affiliate Members Programme, members gain access to the following tools and benefits, exclusively available for them:  

1.       UNWTO Prototype Methodology

To address the goal of knowledge generation, UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme has developed a prototype methodology serving as a framework for public and private sector cooperation on tourism development, sharing knowledge and creating projects that can ethically and sustainably improve a locality’s competitiveness. This professional framework, based on transparency, flexibility and rigor, outlines how innovative tourism products can be developed so as to benefit destinations, businesses and institutions. Interested parties have the possibility to use the general UNWTO Prototype Methodology to develop a new tourism product or apply the specific guidelines developed so far to new destinations. For more information on the UNWTO Prototypes, please click here.

2.     UNWTO Networks

To address the goal of the exchange of expertise, UNWTO creates Networks, in which leading experts can become members of working groups, focusing on various areas of expertise in tourism that bring together members from different backgrounds around a common interest or goal.  

So far, four networks have been created:

  • The UNWTO Gastronomy Network, a forum dedicated to those who perceive gastronomy as a strategic resource can come together to discuss the trends and challenges in Gastronomy Tourism around the world
  • The UNWTO Knowledge Network, focusing on research and composed of academic institutions and centres with a demonstrated research capacity
  • The UNWTO Shopping Tourism Network, consisting of Member States and Affiliate Members interested in harnessing the development potential shopping tourism can offer to a destination
  • The UNWTO City Tourism Network, composed of key stakeholders from the public and private sectors working on local, national and international levels to stimulate and encourage the sustainable development of City Tourism.

For more information on the UNWTO Networks, please click here.

3.     UNWTO Working groups

UNWTO supports Working Groups open to Affiliate Members who wish to exchange expertise with others in segments of Tourism in which they have mutual interest. Working Groups serve as a crucial starting point for knowledge exchange and generation, from which further initiatives can be developed. UNWTO Affiliate Member Red Estable has requested a Working Group on Accessible Tourism, Google has requested one on Technology, Fundación Starlight one on Scientific Tourism and WYSE a working group focusing on Youth Travel.

4.    Launch of publications developped in collaboration with UNWTO

The Affiliate Members publications, jointly produced with interested Affiliate Members, address topics of interest from the perspective of public-private partnerships to support the advancement of knowledge in tourism. Based on a compilation of Affiliate Members case studies and real-life examples, they can serve as models for many destinations and companies. The full list of publications is available here

Organization of Joint Conferences and events in collaboration with UNWTO

As part of its mission to support multi-stakeholder discussions, the Affiliate Members Programme regularly organizes events for experts to meet and address the major trends, challenges and opportunities of the sector, in collaboration with Affiliate Members. In addition, Open House sessions are organized periodically at UNWTO headquarters and represent a great opportunity for Affiliate Members to present their initiatives and give visibility to their services and projects. As any interested participant, Affiliate Members can also of course also attend all UNWTO events.

6.       Affiliate Members Mailing

As one of the objectives of the Affiliate Members Programme is to facilitate networking and information exchange among our members, the Affiliate Members Programme regularly distributes relevant information on Affiliate Members organization and their initiatives among the rest of the Affiliate Members at the request of our members.

7.     Free access to UNWTO E-library, UNWTO Barometer and UNWTO Statistical data

In addition to the above, Affiliate Members have also free access to UNWTO E-libraryoffering an unparalleled coverage of research and information in the area of tourism and giving access to over 1,100 UNWTO publications including books, journals along with UNWTO Barometer and UNWTO Statistical dataMore information on UNWTO tourism data is available here.

8.         Use of UNWTO Affiliate Members Logo

Upon formal approval, Affiliate Members are allowed to include the UNWTO Affiliate Members logo on their website or stationnary to give visibiity their membership. If interested, please address your formal request to

We encourage all entities interested in actively taking part in any of the initiatives listed above, in establishing a specific collaboration and/or propose any new initiatives to contact us at