How to join?

We thank you for your interest in applying for affiliate membership in the UNWTO. The Affiliate Members form an integral part of the UNWTO's Members with the objective of contributing to sustainable world tourism in which knowledge and innovation are geared towards achieving tourism that is more responsible and more competitive, in accordance with the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and with the goals and principles of the United Nations. In order to establish an active relationship with the UNWTO and with the other Affiliate Members, we need to collect information about your entity: its objectives, characteristics and main areas of activity.

We therefore request you to respond carefully and in detail to the questions appearing in the “Affiliate Membership Application Form”.

Admission procedure

The established procedure for admission as an Affiliate member of the UNWTO is as follows:

1) Fill out the “Affiliate Membership Application Form”,

2) Write a “letter of acceptance of the Statutes of UNWTO of commitment to the principles of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism”. The letter must be written on official stationery bearing the letterhead and seal of the applying entity.

Global Code of Ethics

UNWTO Statues

3) Send these two documents to:

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
C/ Capitán Haya 42, MADRID, 28020 – Spain

4) Request a letter of official support from the national tourism administration of the government of the state of residence of the applicant. The letter must be written on official stationery bearing the letterhead and seal of the governmental authority, and be sent directly to the UNWTO to the above-mentioned address. We can provide you with the necessary information to contact the governmental authority of your country (

5) Once the three aforementioned documents have been received and after verification of compliance with the established requirements, the application will be referred to the UNWTO Executive Council for approval, which would imply the recognition and coming into force of all the rights and obligations of the Affiliate Member. All applications have to be subsequently presented to the General Assembly at its next session for ratification, as stipulated in the Statutes of UNWTO.

6) Upon approval of the application by the Executive Council, the entity shall assume its obligation to pay the prorated portion of the established annual contribution (€2,400) based on its date of admission.

7) UNWTO recently joined the SEPA banking system (Single Euro payments area) in its modality B2B, which at present includes 34 countries (The list of countries is available here). SEPA is a system to carry out payments in Euro currency in a simple, secure and effective manner among entities based in Europe. It is accessible to accounts in banks abiding by the scheme B2B inside the European Economic Area (EU, Island, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino).

To this end, all affiliate members proceeding from these countries are kindly requested to fill in the following form and return it to Ms. Mary Melgarejo ( duly signed by the holder of the account or the authorized person allowing UNWTO to debit your account with the amount of your contribution on 2 January of the financial year for which it is due, in this case 2017 and inform your bank entity accordingly. 


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