Gastronomy Tourism Network

As global tourism is on the rise and competition between destinations increases, unique local and regional intangible cultural heritage has become increasingly the discerning factor for the attraction and amusement of tourists. In this regard, gastronomy tourism has emerged as particularly important, not only because food and drink is central to any tourist experience, but also because the concept of gastronomy tourism has evolved to encompass cultural practices, local history, values and culture heritage. Today, gastronomy tourism is therefore considered as an indispensable resource for tourism destinations, adding value and providing a solution to an increasingly pressing need for destinations to stand out and offer unique products.

Against this backdrop, the Gastronomy Network provides the ideal space to bring together experts, destination management organizations, academics, private sector stakeholders and governmental entities to work together to advance knowledge in gastronomy tourism. The UNWTO Gastronomy Network involves the development of pilot projects and prototypes designed to generate knowledge in gastronomy tourism, as well as viable models for product development, effective marketing, branding and governance models. It also aims to advance knowledge and to disseminate it in annual international forums and conferences, fostering the exchange of experiences. Last but not least, UNWTO aims to place future focus on the concept of gastrodiplomacy, a notion referring to the potential of gastronomy as a catalyst for cultural heritage preservation and peace keeper.

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