City Tourism Network

UN Habitat forecasts that by 2030, five billion people – or nearly two-thirds of the world´s population – will be living in cities. By 2050, 70% of the world´s population will be urbanized. This continual increase in urbanization will progressively reflect the already considerable impact of city tourism in the development of the city and its economy. Indeed, tourism brings new patterns and changes to the urban landscape, such as globalization, a phenomenon whose impact is not limited to big cities. Acknowledging the significance of city tourism, the Affiliate Members Programme seeks to implement tools to assist cities in developing sustainable tourism, an objective that is essentially channeled through the UNWTO City Tourism Network.

The City Tourism Network proposes to serve as the platform for knowledge transfer, development and implementation of innovative initiatives and prototypes as well as benchmarking and monitoring city projects. Its main purpose is to form transferable and adaptable methods and models to address the action proposed in the Istanbul Declaration. Participants of the UNWTO City Tourism Network benefit from inclusion in a working group of stakeholders from across the public and private sectors, on regional and national levels, to pursue policies to stimulate city tourism. The Network also aims to develop cities for and through the tourism sector, while maintaining a positive living space for locals.

Join the UNWTO City Tourism Network

Participation in the UNWTO City Tourism Network is channeled through participation in the Affiliate Members Department of the relevant destination management organization of the local city council. Interested entities are kindly asked to send a formal request to:


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