AM Reports Volume 15 ´Emerging Tourism Economies: Public Private Partnerships´

About the Project


For over two decades, public-private partnerships (PPPs) have increasingly been recognized and used as a strategy to effectively develop, implement and manage tourism initiatives. PPPs are the forming of formal or informal partnerships between different organizations with varying philosophies towards how tourism should be developed and managed. PPPs improve the attractiveness of a destination, its productivity, associated market efficiency, and the overall management of tourism. Hence, PPPs are important, and often vital, elements in the establishment of tourism-based initiatives and market competiveness of these destinations.

In line with this, we are pleased to inform you that we are preparing the next volume of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Global Report series on the topic “Emerging Tourism Economies: Public Private Partnerships”, jointly published with Affiliate Member Griffith Institute for Tourism.

In this report, we demonstrate how PPPs have helped to enhance the competitiveness of tourism destinations by facilitating intervention in new or emerging niche markets that can support appropriate economic development of a destination. These interventions include, but are not limited to, the tourism product offered (e.g. clustering businesses together and developing touring routes, developing packages), marketing strategies (collaborative destination promotion), funding (e.g. obtaining donor funding), human resources (e.g. offer training), and infrastructure (e.g. new buildings).

The objective of this publication is to explore on tourism potential as an emerging form of economic development to grow strongly.

As for the case study itself, we would like to suggest the submitted case study to include 1) Partnership background; 2) Brief description on the partnership highlighting the innovation aspect (why this partnership is different than the other); 3) Impact / Lesson Learned; and 4) Future expectation upon collaboration.

To this end, we would like to invite your organization to contribute to the publication in the form of a case study to be edited and presented in the report. The general objectives of this report, as well as prospective chapters for Affiliate Member contributions are as follows:

• To identify current market trends for public private partnership in emerging tourism economies;

• To identify successful case studies on the relevant theme;

• To outline key characteristics of how public private partnership could facilitate tourism growth and sustainability within emerging tourism economies;

• To outline the benefits of public private partnership within tourism industry; and

• To distinguish the value generation upon this approach for tourism stakeholders.


How to Participate

1.     Contributions would need to include an article (approximately 800 words – font Arial, size 11, in English) discussing how your city or organization is linked to Public Private Partnership approach within Emerging Tourism Economies as well as a reflection on the above objectives.

2.     Please submit the article along with your organization’s high resolution logo and relevant images to the following address:

3.     Deadline for contributions is 8 May 2015


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