Affiliate Members Testimonials


The George Washington University became a UNWTO Affiliate Member in 1988 when our university and the World Tourism Organization jointly formed the International institute of Tourism Studies. Our membership has helped to keep our faculty engaged in tourism research and education with UNWTO member states and affiliate members. Our faculty and students particularly value our active participation in the Knowledge Network and access to the UNWTO eLibrary.

Donald Hawkins, Eisenhower Professor, George Washington University


As an Affiliate Member and the leading provider of tourism education in Asia, our School has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the UNWTO. Our partnership with the UNWTO has been instrumental in our School’s commitment to excellence in education, research and industry support activities.

Pauline Ngan Senior, Senior Marketing Manager, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University




WYSE Travel Confederation’s membership goes back to 1981 and represents an indispensable opportunity to raise awareness of the youth and student travel market within the global tourism industry. UNWTO’s extensive library of research publications allow us to track historical trends and assess the role that young travellers play within global tourism. The Power of Youth Travel, a co-authored publication of UNWTO and WYSE Travel Confederation, demonstrates just one of the many synergies possible through leveraging the Affiliate Members Programme.

David Chapman, Director General, WYSE Travel Confederation

The Affiliate Members Programme serves as great forum to help governments recognize the social and economic contributions of air connectivity and tourism. It is an excellent venue for us to work with our government partners in the tourism industry and launch valuable actions such as GTAC – the Global Travel Association Coalition -, an important initiative that gives us a voice to promote travel facilitation and other key issues of interest to our organizations. 

Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO, International Air Transport Association

Skal International joined the UNWTO Affiliate Programme nearly 20 years ago as we wanted to work alongside likeminded travel and tourism organisations in promoting and encouraging both sustainable environmental and human rights to the wider community. Skal International has 17,000 members in over 85 countries and we see our membership of the UNWTO Affiliate Program as a key plank in our mission statement as articulated in our vision statement: A Trusted Voice in Travel and Tourism. 

Nigel Pilkington, Vice President, Communications and PR, Skal International

UNWTO’s invaluable role towards achieving a responsible, sustainable and ethic tourism worldwide is an example to follow for the industry and a common value with NH Hotel Group. This shared commitment, together with the strong effort of the UNWTO to promote tourism as an economic growth driver and a tool to bring together the best of each culture, encourages us to be a loyal and implicated member in this prestigious United Nations agency.   

Federico J. González Tejera - CEO, NH Hotel Group

Cape Town Tourism has been an Affiliate Member of the UNWTO since 2008, and with their global reach they help to place our city at the centre of tourism innovation. We value the opportunities for knowledge exchange through networking, the e-Library, conferences and participating in best practice case studies. The insight that we gather contributes to making our organisation a more dynamic, connected one and improves the competitiveness of the local industry as we share our learnings. Our affiliation to the UNWTO also demonstrates Cape Town’s commitment to responsible tourism development.

Enver Duminy - CEO, Cape Town Tourism


At MAPFRE, we joined the Affiliate Members Programme to share our experience and to foster synergies among all Affiliate members. With everyone’s collaboration, we want our motto of “contributing to tourists’ positive experience at their travel destination” to be always present. We provide all members with our extensive experience in Travel Insurance, being present in 84 countries and assisting more than 26 million travelers per year across all five continents, and contribute to the affiliate members´ community through the publication of our annual health risk report called “the Travel Insurance Observatory”

Alberto Curiel Rivera, Marketing Dirctor, MAPFRE


The affiliate programme membership is key to our purpose: shaping the future of travel sustainably. Collaborating with other members to combine our innovative technology and knowledge with their respective offerings, collectively we achieve far greater results than we could individually.

Svend O. Leirvaag - Vice President, Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group