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03 Feb 17
Press Release
UNWTO and Bench Events partner to foster sustainable hotel investment and aviation development
Undersigned by Matthew Weihs, Managing Director of Bench Events, and Carlos Vogeler, Executive Director of Member Relations at UNWTO, the agreement constitutes a step forward in the relations with...
30 Jan 17
Press Release
UNWTO Lifetime Achievement Award pays tribute to the founders of Lonely Planet
The inspirational role that Lonely Planet inferred worldwide to travelers, writers and the tourism sector in general has been the major reason to concede the UNWTO Lifetime Achievement Award to the...
19 Jan 17
Press Release
UNWTO Awards recognize the commitment of the tourism sector to sustainable approaches
The UNWTO Awards paid tribute to the commitment of the tourism sector towards sustainability and innovation. The winning projects were announced last night during the UNWTO Awards Ceremony in the...